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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i thought of something else we need fwhat's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surroun sound wireless baby monitor. with a sub wolfer. good idea. you should also probably have this fuschia leather diaper clutch. (coughing) "buy it" (in agreement) yea for little diapers. tiny. smart. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. vrjts news tonight for cia director david petraus to resign. f.b.i. agents are collecting evidence.
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>> she's the mistress who allegedly sent threatening e-mails to a family friend of petraus. also, tonight, the co-author of the petraus biography breaks his silence. >> jim rosenfeld joins us live. >> reporter: first, we want to show you video from charlotte. this is outside paul paula broadwell's home. f.b.i. agents went into the hois as part of a consensual search ashe f.b.i. wraps up its investigation. while broadwell hasn't been seen since the scandal broke last week, others closely connected to the story are now talking. >> i was dumbfounded when i heard about the affair. >> reporter: breaking his
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silence tonight. >> what was a question in my mind, quite frankly, was why general petraus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he fwranted her. >> reporter: it was concerned brought to the f.b.i. by this woman that helped bring down the cia director. a family friend and social liaison, kelly was said to be alarmed by anonymous e-mails. the first referred to kelly socializing with other generals in tampa. behavior the writer suggested was inappropriate and should stop. by june, kelly went to the f.b.i. with multiple anonymous e-mails that she felt were pe nasing. the f.b.i. began a cyber stalking case methodically tracing the e-mails to a pattern. >> the e-mails also had references to the comings and goings of david petraus.
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recent con sirns that somebody had highly accessed information. >> reporter: the two admitted to the affair said to begun after he went to the c.i.a. the graduate often talked about her security clearances and recently shared with an alumni group about supposed libya prisoners in ben gghazi. >> my staff has checked. they were told that this isn't correct. this isn't true. >> broadwell hasn't talked since the scandal broke but has reportedly hired defense attorney robert muse who apparently wasn't home tonight. his office said he was traveling today. as for jill kelly, her brother says his sister is a victim. >> she's extremely dedicated to those kids. she's a wife. >> reporter: charges are not expected to be filed against broadwell.
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low-level, classified documents were found on her computer, but they say she had proper access to them. members of congress have plenty of questions about the timing of the f.b.i. investigation. lawmakers are expected to meet with the f.b.i. later this week. >> thank you, jim. now to our weather and some potential challenges for tomorrow morning's commute. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug has the forecast. >> we're looking at these right around the forces of frederick county into loudoun county. this is the line right here going to continue to move off the east fairly quickly at about 20-30 miles per hour. you can expect 30-40 mile an hour winds, maybe upwards around 50. over towards gaithersburg and eventually moving into fairfax county. this is all part of a cold front that is moving across the region. as it does, you will see some
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strong showers -- rather some strong thunderstorms with some strong winds and something else that will greet you tomorrow morning. >> next up, a surprise on the campus of montgomery campus tonight after a student accused of making threats. this is video of a 19-year-old being taken to a police car. police say the man was upset about a failed relationship and he told friends he felt like shooting people just for fun. friends told campus security and police officers tracked down the student while he was eating lunch. >> two students accused of murdering a cab driver were out for money. police say 17-year-old linda berry and 17 joshua mevin had been dating for less than a week. they were staying at a hotel when they hatched a plan to rob someone to pay for the room. the out-of-control cab cashed into a tree near gallaudet
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university. >> a woman hit by a car in silver spring is in critical condition tonight. police say she was walking across georgia avenue and a car hit her. investigators believe the woman was not in the crosswalk at the time. the driver stayed on the scene. his 10-year-old son was in the car with him at the time of that accident. >> tonight, some major changes in d.c. could impact the kind of care you receive in an emergency. erica gonzalez is live to tell us the time of day your hurt could make the biggest difference. erica? >> droreen, during the day, tha might be the most important time or the most available time that you should think about whenever you need medical attention. but what if the shootings, what if the drownings, want if your next heart attack happens in "off peak" time s? to keep up, kenneth ellerby
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is calling for a power shift. increasing coverage during the busiest of periods. >> we know that we don't have the capacity to meet the service demand as it increases. our population is increasing. folks are living longer. we want to make sure that we have the can bpacity to meet th service demand. >> reporter: the president of the d.c. fire association spoke to me by phone. >> common sense, i just don't see it working. >> you don't mark your calendar on when you plan on having an mshlg. >> monday through thursday, yeah, it might look good on paper. friday or saturday night in the summertime, we know there's a higher demand between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. >> reporter: residents we talked to asked why not add more to what's already in place instead of redeploying. >> if it's a budgetary issue, then, of course, use the statistics and find out when the need is greatest and, yeah, use your human capital to caterer to
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those needs. >> reporter: and this power shift is happening when? >> reporter: the short answer to that is we don't know. this is far from being a done deal. first of all, the fire chief needs to meet with stake holders, he also has to meet with union members, which we're told he's going to meet with them tomorrow. and then, on top of that, he also needs to meet with the d.c. council. and i spoke earlier to council chair phil mendleson and says he hasn't spoken in formal terms with the chief about this. so if that gives you any idea of how fast or how slow this could take, it could take a while. on e street, erica gonzalez, news 4. >> tomorrow's commute should be back on track for metro riders. many of them saw long delays today. some of the riders waited up to 45 minutes to get on a bus or a train which ran on a modified
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saturday schedule because ot veteran's day holiday. the trains also were single-tracked on several lines for repairs. passengers were frustrated and on twitter, they noted that many people still had normal work hours today. metro says it based its plan on previous holiday ridership numbers. >> tomorrow morning, d.c. officials will reveal which public schools are in jeopardy of closing. shomari stone joins us live with details. >> reporter: tonight, a d.c. public school source tells me that more than a dozen schools are expected tclose. that announcement will come tomorrow here at d.c.b.s. headquarters in northeast d.c. our source says as many as 19 schools could close due to low enrollment and under-performance. we're talking about elementary, middle and high schools. the kids who attend the closed
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schools will go to consolidated closed schools. this is the first major closing since five years ago during chancellor michelle ray's tenure. school reform depends on right sizing the system. so back out here live, once again, d.c.p.s. is expected to announce school closures tomorrow. we'll be asking questions such as why and when this will exactly happen. live here at northeast d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> a faulty furnace may be to blame for a deadly house explosion over the weekend. a couple who lived next door died. dozens of other homes were damaged or destroyed. invesz gaitors say the neighborhood wasn't safe. they were allowed to return for one hour today just to grab a few belongings. >> people still recovering will be able to buy all the gas they want in a few hours. at least some of them will. rationing orders will be lifted in new jersey tomorrow. but they'll remain in place in new york.
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fema has approved 4$450 million in aid for sandy victims, so far. but new york city alone is expected to see billions in disaster fund. nearly 60,000 homes and businesses in long island still don't have power. >> up next, the voice of elmo taking a break from sesame street to fight allegations of teen sex. >> the four things you should avoid
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he grew up in maryland and has been playing elmo since the '80s. the accuser is 24 years old now. in a statement admitted to nbc news, clash admitted to it but said it was between two consenting adults. >> a lot of people have a strategy when it comes to holiday shopping and it often includes a trip to elton. >> doreen, when we hear outlet malls, most of us think discount. but that's not always the case.
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the outlet deals and the outlet don'ts. >> typically, i'm looking for bargains on designer items. >> i just love to get high-end goods for a really cheap price. >> reporter: but is the price you pay at the outlet really a deal? >> usual always do research. >> reporter: first rule, don't presume you're always getting top-quality merchandise. certain brands create inventory just for the outlet stores. >> theyight use a cheaper fabric, they might use hardware that isn't the same quality that you would find in a retail store. >> reporter: which is why children clothing is a deal. quality is not an issue if they outgrow them. >> kids clothes typically only last one season. gld a big don't, don't assume all prices are cheaper. kippler says that's true for electronics and athletic apparel.
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>> outlet stores, they're pretty much the same price. >> more don'ts. don't buy suits. outlet stores don't offer tayloring. and don't buy outlet jewelry. >> you want something that has been certified in terms of the quality of the materials used. >> so what are the deals when it comes to outlet shopping? brown says buy shoes. they're often shipped directly from the retailer. the same quality at a better price. another deal? luggage. and deals on housewares. >> a lot of times, there might be small nicks or little dings in the paint which means it can't be sold in the retail store so they send it to the outlet store. so heading into the holiday shopping season, as long as you know what's real, you'll know
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which items are the best outlet deal. >> are you going to let her outlet shop here? >> oh, i've already taken care of that. >> one more outlet deal, always stop by the mall manager's office and grab a coupon book. there's always more discounts there. one more don't, don't assume that just because a store is at the outlet mall that it is a discount store. >> good advice. who's done before thanksgiving? >> if it's only one, then you'll wait until christmas eve. >> so it's going to be messy in the morning? >> it's messy in the morning and messy out there right now. we've got a line of some pretty strong showers moving through the region. not a lot of thunder with these, but we are looking at 40-50 mile an hour wind gusts.
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a little bit earlier this evening, veteran's memorial, a nice evening, a warm evening a little bit earlier. techtured still in the 60s after a high of 72 degrees. 72 the high, 40 the low this morning. we're going to struggle to reach our morning low tomorrow. i think we're going to have a hard te hitting 49 or even 50. everything is going to be changing in the next 6-12 hours. and this is what i'm talking about. 64 right now in washington. 46 in cumberland. that's just the sign of the cooler air. look at 46 in winchester, too. here's that line of showers moving on through the region. that is some heavy rain and strong winds coming through parts of the area. some shower activity out ahead of this down through laurel, down through university of maryland. but other than that, this is
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where we're seeing the strongest stuff. this is right on your doorstep. this will come through rockville within the next 20 minutes to half an hour. you'll notice the rain and winds picking up. now, this is already through you but this is in over towards sterling and down towards the south. still making its way through the rest of the area. behind it, we're still going to be dealing with the rain. but the strongest winds will be with that line. but here's the cold front. still back to the west. we still have a lot more rain to go overnight tonight. and right on in through tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's rush hour could be problematic. take a look at this. can you see where the cold front is? 33 in cincinnati. get out the coats right u now. you're going to need them
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tomorrow morning. the cold front sweeps on through at about 5:00 a.m. it's right on top of us. i think we'll start the rush hour pretty wet. the cold air really comes in when we see those numbers tomorrow. same deal for wednesday. sunshine, ralter cool across the region. cool weather. it will be windy and cold tomorrow morning. struggli struggling to hit the upper 40s. we will see some sunshine after that early morning rain. highs only in the low 50s, even with some sunshine and then watching a potential coastal storm, once again, a possible nor'easter coming up the coast saturday, sunday and into monday. we'll see how this one will affect us.
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>> that weekend weather, it was so nice. >> thank you, doug. >> we have sports coming up next. pie yar garcon weighed in on the rest of the season. >> also, bringing home a major honor.
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we're talking football. you know, that hit on vick the other day didn't look all that bad. >> no, but he had a couple of them. michael vick out for this weekend, could be done for the season with a severe concussion. safety brandon meriweather is on practice.
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pierre garcon on practice. >> it's a pain every time, you know, walking, running, inrunn. i want to help the team in a positive way. not limping around or making an excuse as to why we're not playing well. day-to-day, we monitor it. i really don't want to get surgery. >> and he has been consistent about that. no surgery for that guy. at least if he can put it off as long as possible. talking baseball now, outfielders bryce harper, the national league rookie of the year. diamond back's pitcher with 16 first-place votes to miley's 12. harper at 270 with 22 home runs. the second most for a teenager in major league baseball history. tonight, harper reiterated that he has bigger plans for himself and the nationals. >> i'm never satisfied with any of my numbers. you know, i think my biggest
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goal is winning the world series. this is amazing to win this award and to have this accolade. but i want to wring a title back to d.c. that's my main goal as a team, as an organization. we're going to reach that and i think that's the biggest goal for me as it is every single year. i just want to help my team win game in, game out. nothing else really matters to me. >> also honored tonight. new cap's head coach adam oates inducted into the hockey hall of fame. he hasn't coached a game for the capitals because of the nhl lockout. but he did spend six of his 19 nhl seasons in washington as a player. despite not being drafted, oates is a hall of famer. and, tonight, a very emotional night for the capital's coach. >> lastly, i'd like to thank my friends and family, my wife, donna. who i love very much. we met near the end of my career.
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i wish we could have met a little sooner. you could have seen me when i was a little bit better player. by i'm happy that you're here today to experience this and see what we're all about here in hockey. and thank you for supporting me for the next challenge in my life; coaching. >> i'd like to see him coaching here. sooner rather than later. after a brief hiatus, it looks like maryland basketball is back. after a narrow miss against kentucky, the terps easily beat penn state tonight. the home debut for the transferred des wells. he looked good early on. nick foust comes up with the loose ball. gets it ahead to howard. pichon over to wells. that's the one thing they say he can do, jump right out of the gym. the new guy providing some fireworks at the comcast center. alex wen with a nice pass. terps up by 16 at the break. second half, how about some defense.
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the freshman's name is shaquille clear. and he's saying all clear here. get that stuff out of here. 6'9", 270 pounds and he can play some defense. looking good against moorehead state. 67-45 is the final. virginia also winners tonight on the college basketball front. give us something to talk about give us something to talk about for a change.
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finally tonight, a car that will turn heads for a couple of reasons. it's a lamborgihini. today, they unvailed it in singapore. this car, check this out. 12 cylinder, 700 horsepower engine. >> oh, my. >> it goes from 0-60 in three seconds. reaches a top speed of 217 miles an hour.
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